Things You Must Always Do When Traveling to Dubai

Dubai has a wide range of transportation options. For long-distance traveling people often prefer to rent coasters, Hiace or buses to manage their budget wisely. What if you are a student or a working person and want to go home at the weekend or on vacation? You will usually prefer local transport. You can not afford private transport. 

In Dubai, public transportation is neither reliable nor safe, and there is a significant risk of carjacking and armed robbery. Are you still with us? Here are some tips on how to travel around the country safely.

  1. Be Prepared Before Leaving The House 

If you plan to avail local transport, then you must be prepared before leaving your home. As compared to private transport, on public transport you need to take extra measures. Pack your luggage wisely and check all bags are zipped. Try to manage your luggage in one bag. More than one bag while traveling will cause problems for you. Check the route and timing of the bus before leaving the house, it will save your time and money. Don’t forget to check your wallet. 

  1. What To Wear 

While traveling, always dress in comfortable clothes. Never wear shiny clothes, it will draw the attention of everyone to you. Avoid carrying expensive accessories as it will cause problems for you. 

  1. Keep The Exact Correct Change With You

Keep change in your wallet to avoid money problems. Manage your currency in different portions of the purse. Allocate one portion for change and coins. In this way you will save time and money as well. Always keep one card at a time. Leave other cards at home or hotel rooms. In case you lose your purse, you can manage your expenses from other debit cards. 

  1. Carry Emergency Cash With You

There is almost always an ATM nearby these days, but you never know when you might need emergency cash. And in that situation, if the ATM is now working, what will you do? The best solution is to try to carry emergency cash with you. But no need to put it into the wallet. Keep that cash in your luggage bag. If someone snatches your wallet, you will not leave stranded. 

  1. Don’t Forget To Carry First Aid 

While we live in 2019, not 1919, and we can easily find medicine anywhere.  But it is recommended to carry a little first aid box having Tylenol, stomach illness medicine, eye drops, Band-Aids, scissors, hydrocortisone cream, antibacterial ointment. Although you can find these things in any pharmacy, in case of an emergency, having these items on hand is a good idea.

  1. Be Alert and Awake While Traveling 

Maybe you are too tired and thinking about taking a nap while traveling. Stay awake and alert no matter how tired you are. If you sleep too long, you might end up in a strange place at the end of the bus line with no way to get back!

  1. Save List OF Emergency Contacts 

If something bad happens to you, having a list of emergency phone numbers on hand will help medical professionals know who to call.  If you have any allergies, make a list of them and carry them with you. Doctors know what you are allergic to if you need any treatment and can’t answer questions. Keep two copies: one with you and one in my hotel room bag. Because having backups is essential!

  1. Safety First

Your safety should be your priority. Be alert and keep your eyes open while taking public transportation. Avoid talking with strangers. Never eat or drink anything offered by any person. If you notice any suspicious activity, inform staff members or call the helpline immediately. 

  1. Download Useful App For Traveling

Although some people did not depend on online apps for traveling, especially while taking public transport. They think these apps are fake and have fear of being kidnapped or being harassed. But some apps are so useful that you can rely on them for making reservations on local coasters or hiace. Or you can book a cab for you through them without any hesitation. 

Cheap Rental Dubai is one of them. Your reliable travel partner, where you can avail cab rental services or book a local coaster for rent or hiace for you just by pressing one button on your smartphone.

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