How Much is London Transport Museum?

London Transport Museum is one of the popular tourist attractions in London. The museum is located in Covent Garden and was established in 1897.London Transport Museum is a significant tourist attraction and is the most visited museum in London. The museum is an educational institution that gives information about the London transport system’s history.

The museum has more than 100 years of history and is famous for its historical exhibits and artifacts. It is a place where you can learn about transportation history.

The museum is home to the world’s most extensive railway and underground rolling stock collection. The museum has more than 20,000 objects. The museum is known as one of the best museums in the UK.

  • The museum is divided into seven different areas. Each area has a separate entrance fee which ranges from £6 to £15.

1) The London Underground Area

This is the most critical area of the museum. It is famous for its collection of old and new London underground trains. You will find the most exciting and rarest London underground trains here. There are three different sections of the underground area.

2) The London Underground Map

One of the most popular exhibits is the London Underground Map Collection.

The London Underground map is a significant and unique exhibit in the museum. This is a giant replica of the London Underground map. This replica is made in a way that looks exactly like the accurate London underground map.

3) The London Underground Trains

There are different types of London underground trains available in this area. There are two different types of trains that you will find in this area. These are the Bakerloo line and the Central line.

4) The London Underground Signage

The London Underground signage is also a unique exhibit in the museum. This is a collection of London Underground signs and posters. This collection is unique because the posters were collected from the street and the railway platforms.

5) The London Underground Clock

 Another popular exhibit is the Big Ben Clock Collection. This is a collection of ancient clocks. You can learn about the history of these timepieces from the collection. 

This is the enormous clock in the museum. It is a replica of the accurate London underground clock. The museum has a replica of the famous London underground clock installed on the Piccadilly line.

6) The London Underground Stations

This is the museum section where you will find the original London underground stations. There are more than 30 original London underground stations available here.

There are also a lot of artifacts that you can see in the London Transport Museum. These include old buses, taxis, and cars.

7) The London Underground Trams

The London tram is the second type of transport used in London. The museum has a collection of more than 50 trams. You will find the most essential and rarest London trams here.

The Best Way To Visit Transport Museum

The transport museum in London is one of the most visited museums in the world. It is located in South Kensington and is divided into two parts, the Science Museum, and the Transport Museum.

This article will guide you through the best ways to visit Transport Museum in London.

How to Get There?

To reach the Transport Museum, you will need to take the tube. Two tube stations are nearby: South Kensington station and High Street Kensington station.

When you reach the museum, you will find a big blue building on the right side. The entrance to the museum is on the left side of the building. You will find a big blue sign on the wall.

What to See At Transport Museum in London?

There are more than a thousand exhibits in the Transport Museum in London.

The exhibits include models, trains, planes, boats, cars, bicycles, and more.

To get to the London Transport Museum, you’ll have to go to the main entrance. The entrance is in Victoria Station. 

There you can buy tickets to enter the museum. The entrance is open from 9 am to 5 pm. If you plan to visit the museum, buying a ticket in advance is a good idea. Tickets are $13 for adults and $9 for children.

  • Here are the top attractions at Transport Museum in London:

The Blue Train

This is the first railway engine to be manufactured in the UK. The locomotive replicates the Great Western Railway’sRailway’s steam locomotive, No. 99901 Flying Puffin.

The London Underground

This is the world’s first underground railway system. It was opened in 1863.

The London Underground is the oldest subway in the world.

The Big Bus

This is the world’s giant bus. It has a seating capacity of 800.

The Science Museum

This museum has the most popular exhibits. The Science Museum is the most visited in the world.

  • It has more than 2 million items in its collection.
  • The items include trains, trams, buses, streetcars, and fire engines. It also has an extensive collection of maps, posters, photographs, and newspapers.
  • It has one of the world’s most extensive collections of London Underground rolling stock. The museum has many interactive exhibits. 
  • There are over 70 vehicles on display, including a Routemaster bus, a double-decker bus, and several double-deckers. 
  • There are also exhibits of trams and streetcars. 

For example, a unique 1930s electric tram was built in London in 1930. This tram was used until 1985. It has been preserved ever since.

Another example is a steam locomotive used to pull a freight train. It is the only steam locomotive in the museum. There is also a British Rail diesel locomotive that was used until 1994. It has been preserved ever since.


If you have ever tried to get a ticket from the London Transport Museum, you know it can be difficult. The tickets are not cheap, and it can take weeks to get them.

You can use the London Transport Museum gift card. This is a type of prepaid debit card. It is similar to a gift card. The only difference is that you can use this to pay for your visit to the London Transport Museum.

This means you do not need to worry about having enough money to get a ticket to the museum. You can pay for it with the London Transport Museum gift card. This card will allow you to pay your entrance fee and enjoy the museum.

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